using WordPress and adding the title of the publish to become

Jane's Addiction

When it is seen within the page it arrives as

Jane’s Addiction

Please be aware the various single quote.

Any kind of replace around the second version from the single quote does not appear to operate. I wish to change it having a "normal" single quote as proven in first example because it does not work when utilizing tags.



There's a wordpress plugin produced by Alex King known as Alex King's wordpress-unformatted wordpress plugin which does the remove filter functions for you personally so you don't need to create edits for your templates and can work even when you alter templates. The website to download it may be found below:

For doing things all you want do is give a custom area inside your publish known as sandpaper and hang the worthiness to at least one. By doing this you are able to change it out on the per publish basis.

This really is apparently triggered through the [cde] function.

As I haven't attempted these fixes/workarounds myself, this page provides a couple of you could try.