And So I know you should use output buffer. The issue at this time is, I'm utilizing a function inside a Wordpress wordpress plugin which is instantly also it instantly results the return. However, I wish to look into the return to ascertain if it's false or coming back my data.

I've attempted:

if( function_name() ) {


$name = function_name();

I'm able to still begin to see the output in individuals situations, that we why I needed to suppress it and perform some inspections first. I'd rather not edit the core purpose of the wordpress plugin, however i will like a last measure. It is possible to better deal with?

Yes. It is possible such as this:

if (function_name()) { }
else {}

// then you can do one of the following
ob_end_clean(); // in case you want to suppress function_name output
ob_flush(); // in case you don't want to suppress function_name output

Take a look here to learn more about output control functions.

Also, rather than using ob_flush and ob_end_clean you could utilize [cde].

First, capture the output and return worth of the function.


Next, decide whether you need to output it.

$name = function_name();
$output = ob_get_clean();

You were not obvious that which you wanted related to the return value whether it wasn't if ($name !== false) { echo $output; } or maybe it had been really the creation of the function that you simply desired to send towards the page.