Why would a php nusoap getProxy() (http://sourceforge.internet/projects/nusoap/) call to some development webservice (splendid) return an item during my development atmosphere, and return NULL being produced? I'm also capable of making a phone call towards the production webservice from the development machine (however i can't create a call in the production machine towards the production webservice).

We're using IIS, exactly the same version of wordpress, exactly the same wordpress plugin, exactly the same version of php, and also the same source code:

$this->client = new nusoap_client(SPLENDID, true, false, false, false, false, 0, 30, '');
$proxy = $this->client->getProxy(); // getype($proxy) returns object in development
                  //and NULL in production

I realize that you simply most likely can't target the exact problem, but ANY pointers or tips could be greatly appreciated.

It had been due to IIS Server configurations. I made .Internet assistants which wound up saying the mistake.