My hosting company just explained that my website was making use of 99% from the server CPU assets. They explained the file Publish /ajax/test_ajax.php?action=get HTTP/1.1 was leading to the issue.

The objective of this file would be to extract information from specified webpages. I don't know how you can solve the problem. It is possible to method to limit the CPU use of personal files?

I believe wrinkles could cause the issue






You are not showing any code so you can't really say without a doubt, however in general - moving internet sites is really a resource-costly factor to complete.

For the way you are doing things, you might have the ability to lessen the load, e.g. by putting a while among demands. (Additionally, it might be a bug as pointed out within the comments.)

If you want to crawl lots of exterior webpages rapidly, you might be best having a server or virtual server of your.