We're running php 5.3.6 on IIS 7.5. SERVER SPECS: Xeon E5606 2.13Ghz Quad-Core 12GB RAM Home windows Server 2008 R2 CURL v7.21.2

We're running Wordpress about this system and also have just transformed within the MySQL searching to make use of Apache SOLR. Our DB hits were getting an excessive amount of. I'm using php curl to obtain the search engine results from SOLR, normally 2 demands minimum per page load. This appears to be the sole factor which has transformed from your old configuration.

My problem now's the CPU load is spiking drastically when there's any strain on the server. We're a startup and presently have all the feaures on a single server.

I've installed WinCache to solve the problem.

We've about 3000-4000 visits each day and max 80 people on the website at anyone time.