I am trying to produce a PHP script which pulls xml data (text and pictures) from the remote server and card inserts it inside a local database. I have to run this script every ten minutes approximately (and overwrite the present data during my db)... basically do not get an answer in the server after 1 minute, I'd like the request to abort until next time the script runs ten minutes later. Can anybody please either produce an idea regarding the way i is capable of this or point me to some tutorial that describes it in quite simple terms?


EDIT: I am searching for assist with the PHP script itself, unsure which was obvious during my initial publish.

You may create a ordinary curl script that connects to some remote server and brings data, card inserts to your db, set limits and exceptions. Then create an entry in crontab to operate this script every ten minutes. I've got a similar setup running for just one of this site which brings data from stock market and updates a nearby cache, another script has got the task of consuming the cache whenever needed.

Are you aware about cron jobs? They are accustomed to schedule periodic tasks like performing scripts in the server.