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Setting up a deployment / build / CI cycle for PHP projects

I am searching to create an improvement pipeline that will permit me to split up my code into three groups: live, staging and dev I am using a2hosting's hosting that is shared package with ssh access. Ideally Let me have three pathways around the server for every one of individuals branches. Let me keep each version from the site into svn in order to rapidly revert the whole branch if something wrong happens. I am presuming this is accomplished with svn tags, unsure. I additionally intend on using symfony like a php framework.

I'd like to create something similar to hudson for continuous integration and testing before moving the website from dev to staging.

essentially, I am pretty wrongly identified as the entire iteration, build and testing process and just how to get it done cleanly and effectively

I'm wondering if anybody had workflow recommendations or maybe you accept my method, any links on establishing each part of the pipeline.

Thanks ahead of time