I'm attempting to enumerate via a perfectly valid array using php 5.3.5 on Joomla 1.5. Whenever I attempt to gain access to the array I recieve the whitened screen of dying. Basically give a die() statement immediately after i quickly obtain the array, (however, execution after that's stopped). I intentionally put no code after array call and die() for debugging reasons. Getting rid of die does not echo the array. Has other people had this problem before?

Edit: yes, switched error looking into. WSOD is BLANK.

**in the View class:**

$seminarsRefDB =& JFactory::getDBO();
                $seminarsRefQuery = [MYSQL STUFF]
                $seminarsRefList = $seminarsRefDB->loadAssocList();

for($i=0; $i<count($seminarsRefList); $i++) {

$classAppendix = $i;
                $seminarselects[] = JHTML::_('select.genericList', $seminar_options, 'seminar_title[]', 'class="seminardropdown" style="width:200px;"', 'value', 'text', $seminarsRefList[$i]['value'], 'seminar'.$classAppendix);

$this->assignRef('seminarsArray', $seminarselects);

**In the Default Template**



I've another array known as speakersArray that is echoed perfectly. I replicated this code verbatim in the after sales of my website where both arrays show no problems.

Used get_incorporated_files and also the default template may be the last file incorporated, so execution stops there.

You need to switch on display_errors and error_confirming to E_ALL so you do not get a whitened screen of dying and also have your server let you know what errors it's getting.

It may sound in my experience when its a large array as well as your passing it around, you may be drained of memory at some stage in the code. By putting a die immediately after the array, you might haven't hit that threshold yet.

Though iLLin's approach is okay for development testing, this really is bad practice for any live site. Presuming you can get your server, see the error log file to discover what's going on here.

tail -f error_log