I'm attempting to alter the colour of recption menus products on my small website but i'm not sure whereby this to include the colour code #c3c3c3 that i wish to use

<script type="text/javascript">
    // Cufon font replacement & text shadows
    Cufon.replace('#sidebar .font, #content .post .font, #card-container .font, #frontwidgets h3, #gallery .gal_item .font, #nicepagination .font',{ fontFamily: 'Junction', textShadow: '#fff 0px 1px' });
    Cufon.replace('#footer .font',{ fontFamily: 'Junction', textShadow: '#000 0px -1px' });
    Cufon.replace('#content .title-container .font, #mainmenu ul.menu li:not(.current_page_item, .current-menu-parent) a.font',{ fontFamily: 'Junction', textShadow: '#<?php echo $color->bg['-4']; ?> 0px -1px' });
    Cufon.replace('#mainmenu ul.menu li.current-menu-item a.font, #mainmenu ul.menu li.current-menu-parent a.font',{ fontFamily: 'Junction', textShadow: 'none' });

    // Fixing menu hovers as cufon can't seem to handle different div-hover colors
    $('#mainmenu').find('ul.menu').children('li:not(.current-menu-item, .current-menu-parent)').hover(
        function () {
            Cufon.replace($(this).find('a.font'),{ fontFamily: 'Junction', color: '#<?php echo $color->bg['0']; ?>', textShadow: 'none' });
        function () {
            Cufon.replace($(this).find('a.font'),{ fontFamily: 'Junction', color: '#<?php echo $color->fg['-2']; ?>', textShadow: '#<?php echo $color->bg['-4']; ?> 0px -1px' });

***NOTE this can be a wordpress theme with font alternative by cufon also it replaces whatever is incorporated in the css so altering the css does nothing after i get it done

Generally menu products are links and you will place the color change code within the css.

For instance :

in HTML:

<li><a href="about.php">About Us</a></li>

inside your CSS file:

.menu a
.menu a:hover

Your code signifies the theme most likely brings the colours from database, meaning theme author most likely managed to get simple for you to edit these colors via WordPress dashboard, so choice 1 is to research the admin part of these options.

However, it can be done inside a quick'n dirty (but perfectly valid) way, simply edit this a part of your code:

<?php echo $color->bg['0']; ?>

<?php echo $color->bg['-4']; ?>

changing it really by color codes, like FFFFCC, or FF0000 (no requirement for # before it, because these happen to be in position as you will see)