Essentially after i convey more than about 25 file uploads in a single form, the PHP $_FILES array is popped towards the first 25 records (-24), that is incorrect. It will have 31. This only happens on a single particular server. Apache with PHP. I’ve attempted it on two other servers plus they appear to permit all 31.

Could this be triggered by some configuration option in Apache? Or perhaps is it much more likely a configuration problem in PHP?

The only real factor I'm able to think about might well be the LimitRequestFields apache directive, but this will throw a mistake as opposed to just crop it towards the first 25. Right?

I understand that getting a lot of File fields in a single form isn't good practice, this really is essential because of the functionality needed with this particular page. I can not deal with this.

Any assist with this issue could be greatly appreciated.

The below HTML demonstrates the issue I'm getting.

<html xmlns="http://world wide">


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html charset=utf-8" />

<title>Untitled Document</title>



<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="test.php" method="publish">

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[1][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[2][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[3][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[4][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[5][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[6][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[7][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[8][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[9][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[10][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[11][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[12][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[13][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[14][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[15][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[16][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[17][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[18][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[19][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[20][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[21][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[22][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[23][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[24][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[25][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[26][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[27][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[28][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[29][1]"/>

<input type="file" title="area_id_11[30][1]"/>

<input type="text" title="blah" value="something"/>

<input type="submit" />




Browse the File Uploads portion of the ini file directives.

There's a max_file_uploads limit setting available since PHP 5.2.12 which you might like to consider modifying if you work with that version or over.

Too, the upload_max_filesize is really a total maximum for those submitted files combined, therefore it is possible you could be striking a restriction there, although in the description it may sound much more likely that the max_file_uploads limiter may be the problem.

PHP puts submitted files right into a temporary directory. To help you confirm when the problem is by using PHP or with Apache by checking to ascertain if the additional 6 files are for the reason that temporary directory.

Things I would do is get the position of the first file, after which operate a loop to echo out all the files for the reason that directory. If it's 31, it's PHP, whether it's 25, it's Apache.