It is a rather lengthy story but to really make it short I have to store part of my database in your area, within the filesystem. I can not use normal database like MySQL and that i can't use XML files (theoretically I'm able to use XML-s but they're not flexible enough, I'll take some very complex layer of PHP code to create XML-s functional). Can there be some type of solution that will let it move several DB tables to filesystem and do normal procedures together?

I labored with flat files years back and they're not far from things i need. However things i did not like about flat files is they are crude - you must do everything by hand, you cannot simply do something similar to "Choose title FROM some_table WHERE age>30", rather you have to by hand undergo file and choose the needed records.

So, would you suggest some solution that mimics SQL but stores my way through a nearby file. Also this should not be something very exotic since the product is going to be used on many random hostings in most cases we do not have total control over what's installed there.

Thank you for any help!

The thing you need is known as SQLite: It's well supported within PHP:

To be sure with @devius...sqlite may be your best choice for any single file database representation.

Gladius DB is really a fast and efficient PHP flatfile database engine designed in pure PHP its SQL syntax works with a subset of intermediate SQL92. You won't need any sort of extension to be work, which is bundled up by having an adoDB lite driver.