I'm using thesis theme on my small wordpress blog. I'm hosting my blog at byethost that has allow_url_fopen=Off and allow_url_include=Off

Within the function, code is attempting to see a picture url path. From things i understand, if fopen is ON, it'll execute "if" situation otherwise "else" situation

  if ($thesis_design->image['fopen'])
     $image_path = $post_image['url'];
  else {
     $local_path = explode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], $post_image['url']);
     $image_path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $local_path[1];

With this particular code, it can't grab the look basically provide absolute path (i.e. http://brijux.com/images/example.jpg) however it can grab image with relative path (i.e images/example.digital)

But when I comment out "if" situation and employ just the "else" situation, it may grab image using the absolute path.

So my real question is,

  1. if allow_url_fopen=Off, should not it only execute the "else" part?
  2. so how exactly does it grab image file should i be only supplying relative path within the "if" situation?

If you are using fopen and supply a family member path it goodies the look like a local file. Should you supply the 'absolute' path i.e. the URL it experiences the loopback interface and grabs it like it's on the internet.