Index.php -> includes init.php init.php -> includes config.php config.php -> consists of the configuration

Not however , I can access content from config.php into index.php however when I attempting to access data from init.php or index.php into config.php it's not happening.

Basically put echo "i'm text" in config.php and run index.php then there is nothing displayed on screen however when i run "echo $item_from_config_file" it does output data as occur config.php

Help and advise a way to get for this problem because it is driving me mad.

Yeah, the config.php file does not know anything concerning the init.php file, it is simply being put within it.

So, there is no method for config.php to directly read from init.php whether it's being incorporated.

I'd suggest integrating config.php into init.php.

Maybe an order is not okay. Make certain you include all of the files first then attempt to access their variables.


$variable = "foo";


$variable.= " bar";


echo $variable;