I am managing a site using blogging platforms. I have incorporated a nearby PHP script that connects to some local Geocode database and discovers the users' location. It really works fine, even if I include it into my website (I'm able to pull the variables I want), however it appears to prevent the relaxation from the site from loading. As though I "needed" personal files that did not exist. I am unsure why this occurs, especially since i have can continue to echo the variable prior to the site breaks.

It is possible to method to get this to script run and pass me the variable I want without such as the entire script in to the site? Maybe get it run without anyone's knowledge in some way? Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

You need to use curl to obtain the content securely after which parse it for that data you'll need. Should you include it directly you're susceptible to numerous security attacks and also the execution of the script could stop like it's now.