Greetings all,

I simply wanted to be aware what is the best way to do template's in Joomla? Basically have four boxes in footer (4 posts) how do i automate them within the template so their content inside could be handled in the back-finish?

To date, i've come across custom html block modules and taking advantage of individuals. But would not it be funny if you will find lots of such blocks and than controlling them from modules individually?

Now suppose if i've got a slogan/saying for this site and that i would like it to be handled from after sales.. Should i create that custom block for such single line?

Might be i will wrong direction. Can someone guide me please?

Regards, Jhon.

A Joomla template is only a map the outlines the different positions that open to put modules in. These positions are made round the component display area. You are able to load essentially anything you like in a module position. You'll most likely have to download some modules in the Joomla Extension Directory, you will find a lot of options.

The Custom HTML module is suitable for straightforward content that's not likely to change very frequently. This is good for an organization saying that does not ever change. You will find various modules that will permit you to load content in the latest Joomla articles according to section or category. You will find modules for login forms, stock values, Nourishes, weather, a myriad of stuff.