i simply used my php/mogodb website (php part inside a shared website hosting, and mongodb in mongohq)

my probleme would be that the instaled php within the shared hosting company don't consists of any mongo driver

How you can solve this?

In most cases, hosting that is shared companies aren't outfitted for PHP/MongoDB deployments. Getting MongoDB dealing with PHP takes a compilation plus some config changes that you simply generally canrrrt do on shared hosts.

You essentially have two options:

  1. Speak to your provider and request these to carry out the installation for you personally. This might happen for you personally, but it is most likely worth a phone call.
  2. Obtain a small "virtual machine" that you could configure. You will find plenty of hosts that provides you with 512MB computer with full access (Linode, Joyent, Rackspace, AWS, etc).

Considering that you are using MongoHQ for the MongoDB hosting, I'd check which Data Center they are using for hosting. Obtaining a VM within the same Electricity will certainly assist the speed of the application.