We make use of a Java upload applet to allow clients FTP files to the website.

For security, it utilizes a "web_user" (as produced in PLESK) which means this user will get their very own area outdoors the primary root e.g


I am attempting to copy the files they upload backto the net root via php therefore we may use them e.g to


I can not appear to do this.

I'm able to use primary FTP account to use and slowly move the files this way because it has more permissions compared to client one, but it is not particularly efficient and it is just a little slow.

It is possible to way I'm able to use PHP to maneuver individuals files? We've root accessibility machine, therefore if there's permissions that may be transformed, or something like that, then it is no problem.


The consumer that moves the file should have read permissions on /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com, web_customers, and httpdocs and browseOrcreate permissions on httpdocs/clientdropbox/. Lots of occasions the read permissions around the lower sites are overlooked.