I'm establishing a contest on the Facebook page - i.e. a Facebook Tab Page.

Whenever a fan "likes" the page they're proven a HTML form where they submit their title and email. I've investigated utilizing an Awebber form but this site will/should exceed their max permitted monthly subscriptions monthly.

So essentially I'll setup my very own SQL DB and try to connect with it in the Facebook page and send the entrant's particulars into it.

Does Facebook permit you to do that through PHP? Or perhaps is there any simpler alternative I ought to try?

Thanks Men

Facebook Canvas and Tab pages are merely iframes pointing to some page in your server, so yes, that you can do normal PHP stuff there.

Yes, this can be done using Facebook's iFrames. They accustomed to use FBML, but that's now deprecated. See this post for additional particulars and great good examples regarding how to get began.

Basically, you produce a page by yourself website that's no wider than 520px wide, and point your Facebook page tab to that particular.