Here's the one thing:

Because of a brand new project, I must learn PHP on your own. I am now in home windows and I'd rather not change rapidly, so, don't let me know to alter.

I have to setup a DreamWeaverCS4/PHP5 develop atmosphere, and, I do not possess a clue whether or not to use Apache or IIS7. I simply take some advice relevant into it.


I truly don't worry about performance(yet), neither portability, and so forth. I simply need to put it together rapidly and simply.

Thanks ahead of time

UPDATE: I am Using Home windows 7 7600 x64

Apache is the greatest as it is native for that PHP while IIS is foreign. You'll always get help for Apache+PHP here on SO and hardly for PHP+IIS.

Establishing PHP on IIS is fairly simple. Here's what you'll need now...

Go and Download WAMP5 Server it's the best and simplest solution for u. Incidentally it's Apache.

I've not used WAMP yet but I have didn't have an issue using XAMPP and it is quite a easy install to obtain a complete php atmosphere using apache. I would not recommend going the IIS route, its likely but... not well worth the effort.

Apache-PHP is the foremost choice...

I suggest Apache+PHP, that can bring you mod rewrites, .htaccess along with other important features that IIS doesn't support.