I must know the number of individuals are utilizing RedBean ORM inside your php production sites and what's your knowledge about it (reliability, speed, problems (if any),...)?


I authored RedBean because I had been dissappointed in Doctrine. I have tried personally both Propel and Doctrine however i felt useless.

We use RedBean for many projects also it works well. Really RedBean isn't a really 'fat' orm layer, therefore it is really simple to optimize (just about all SQL is saved in a single class the query author). It doesn't possess a query parser, a personalized SQL language or perhaps a query builder. If you wish to improve performance much more you are able to choose plain SQL rather and employ the convertToBeans-option later on.

Heej, I'm utilizing it within an website I'm focusing on. I've integrated it with CodeIgniter and delay pills work perfect. I've not anything I could not use it.


May want to perform some thorough benchmarking tests on redbean you might like to have a look at http://groups.google.com/group/redbeanorm/browse_thread/thread/093eee3a3ac19732/83d3a3d312a5bca0?lnk=raot&fwc=1&pli=1