Okay, so I have been screamed at to make questions too lengthy, and way too short, so I'll try to look for a contented medium here.

I have been helping a buddy create a raid-attendance tracker for his guild within an mmo game; I lately completed the job with the aid of another person, but in some way messed up the code on the way with no type of backup copies open to me.

The fundamental concept of the database is: There is the customers database which supports the username, datecreated, rTotal, and rAttend posts. rAttend is incremented when they attend a raid. There's another table known as raid that merely supports the date / id of the raid. Lastly there's a 3rd and final table that holds usernames and dates.

The script works something similar to this, an html page passes all of the usernames that turned up to raid, and adds the date in to the raid table. The mysql query which i have should really check a person, as well as for each raid display time of raid, membername, and whether he went or otherwise, if it makes sense null, they skipped that raid, when not, they went.

Without further adieu...Here's the query: ($v_member is disinfected just before this once the variable is placed, it's set via publish)

@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
     $query = "SELECT DISTINCT
     WHEN a.userName IS NULL THEN 'No'
     ELSE 'Yes'
     END AS Attended
     FROM raids r LEFT JOIN (SELECT UserName, rDate FROM attend WHERE UserName='$v_member') a ON r.rDate=a.rDate
     WHERE r.rDate > (SELECT dateCreated FROM users WHERE UserName='$v_member')
     ORDER BY r.rDate ASC";

I'm wondering the way i may take the outcomes from that question, and just setup a loop using the 2 variables it ought to be removing.


If anybody can sort out i would actually be thankful, when i broke something on the way and that i have no clue what...Thanks!

while($a = mysql_fetch_assoc($query_result)) {
    echo = $a['rDate'];