I'm focusing on a Drupal-based website that actually works fine around the remote server (Light stack) in addition to other developer's systems (WAMP stack). However when I attempt to operate it, the PHP code is goes within the browser together with the HTML rather than being parsed enjoy it should.

There's hardly any information will be able to glean from error logs. PHP is installed correctly along with a clean Drupal installation works. It's just the code which i take a look at from your repository that goes awry and just by myself system.

Pretty URL's also aren't effective, and I must make use of the /q=xxx format to get at pages whatsoever. Pretty URL's just finish track of a parsing error in strange locations when there should not be any parsing error there. I reiterate - the code is effective otherwise except on my small system.

Can there be even a spot I'm able to start to turn to solve this issue?


If you notice PHP code within the html then your interpreter isn't being invoked. PHP is either not installed or mis-set up. Are you currently using short tags? If that's the case, have you got rapid tags option enabled in php.ini?

A good way to check this really is to through all of the variables and check out an easy php script outdoors of Drupal. Place the following inside a script and run it. This may offer you an idea of what's happening.

  echo 'Hello World!';

  echo 'Hello World!';

Should you produced a node, after which used PHP code since it's body, then look into the input format continues to be set to "PHP code" in a different way, the PHP code is going to be parsed as text, and also the <?php ?> tags steered clear of.
This could explain the reason why you discover their whereabouts.

If this isn't the situation, i quickly would check what reported by Mike B, or maybe files with extension .php aren't considered PHP files.