the website i'm going to be refering to is choose the quote tab

if an individual where you can complete this type and choose several checkbox either in # 1 or # 3. wouldso would i place individuals selected values right into a database to ensure that after i retreive the data the consumer inputed or selected i can tell which checkboxes he/she selected?

You are able to set your checkboxes to stay in one array following the form is posted with the addition of [] in the finish from the name attribute like such:

<input type="checkbox" name="services[]" value="Podcasting Services" /> 
Podcasting Services      
<input type="checkbox" name="services[]" value="Local Search" />Local Search

Once the form is posted, your $_POST['services'] variable is going to be an assortment that contains all checked values. ex:

array(2) {
  string(19) "Podcasting Services"
  string(12) "Local Search"

You'll be able to do anything you like with this, wether it's delivering an e-mail or adding fields towards the database using ether foreach() or implode() to loop with the values.

Hope this can help!

I'd have separate fields within the database on their behalf. As with question 1, the published form might submit $_Publish['admycomp'] and $_Publish['provideresource'] as getting been checked. If that's the case, place single in to the database area admycomp or provideresource. This way you've recorded which fields they checked.

I recommend storing the values inside your database is always to make use of the SET datatype (eg: This could store each one of the checkbox values from the checkbox group in one column inside a storage-efficient way. You'd most likely want to use implode as pointed out above to produce an SQL query to place your set.