First Note: Sorry this really is lengthy. Thought about being thorough. I truly hate to request an issue when there's a lot available online nevertheless its been per week of searching and that i do not have anything to exhibit for this. I'd really appreciate outside assistance. I'm a noob however i learn extremely fast and am willing to test alternate languages or other things it could take.

The aim: What I am attempting to do is develop a Netflix remote (personal only use) that controls Netflix around the server (Home windows 7 PC 32-bit) via keyboard cutting corners (example: spacebar to pause) following a button is pressed inside a php page on my small ipod device touch or android phone. Presently the remote uses USBUIRT to manage the television and IR products without problem. For those who have any alternate techniques (will be able to build, not purchase) to suggest or any other languages I possibly could learn that may accomplish this, I am pleased to learn.

The problem: PHP's professional() and system() instructions won't launch the python script (nor an exe put together with py2exe) that merely presses the Home windows key (meant to press the important thing around the server, not the device loading the php page). I'm able to use USBUIRT's UUTX.exe passing arguments with professional() to manage IR products without problem. But my exe, py, nor pyw files work. I have even attempted calling a load file that then launches the python script which batch won't launch. The page refreshes with no errors are displayed.

Attempted: Here is a code that actually works

$exec = exec("c:\\USBUIRT\\UUTX.exe -r3 -fC:\\USBUIRT\\Pronto.txt LED_Off", $results);

Here is a couple of attempts that do not work

$exec = exec("c:\\USBUIRT\\", $results);

$exec = exec("python c:\\USBUIRT\\", $results);

$exec = exec("C:\\python25\\python.exe c:\\USBUIRT\\", $results);

All individuals I have attempted with no dual backslashes with forward slashes and dual forward slashes. I have left off passing it to variable $professional which does not matter. $result results Arraystring(9) "

Copying my way through the professional() into command line works properly. I have attempted moving the file towards the htdocs folder, transformed folder permissions, making sure I am not in safemode in php. Var_dump returns: Array" Utilizing a foreach loop gives no info in the array. My logs for Apache show only

[Sat Sep 10 19:54:09 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs/announce

Setup: Apache 2.2, python 2.5, and php 5.3. Running this on Home windows 7 and just connect around the local network, no vpn or even the like. Given every connected folder (python, htdocs, the cmd.exe file, usbuirt folder) IUSR, admins, customers, and everybody with full control only for initial testing (later I'll obviously tighten security up). Safe mode is off on php too.

Notes: This code I saw on another similar problem does not work:

exec("ping -n 1");

No errors by mistake.record nor event viewer. Putting it inside doctor_start() and becoming the outcomes with doctor_get_clean() provides me with practically nothing. No text or anything whatsoever. I have attempted much more but I have already written a novel on here so I'll have to answer the relaxation once we go. I'll publish the entire php source or even the python script if that's needed but all it will is import sendkeys and press the home windows answer to pop open the beginning menu like a fundamental visual test. I'm not sure if it is permissions, the way in which I've my setup running, my coding... I simply have no idea any longer. And again I am sorry this really is such a long time and when you need to do answer, I truly appreciate you making the effort to see all of this to help an overall total stranger.

The PHP server running the script is probably running like a different user (Network Service) compared to account drenched in in the GUI Console. I believe this type of setup might work under XP, and/or using the "interactive" area enabled around the service. However, In my opinion in Vista/7 it's blocked on security grounds. Particulars are a little fuzzy as I am now before a Linux box.

An answer is always to run php by hand within the session that's running netflix and check out again. If the does not work, I remember when i authored an easy client/server in python that can take key instructions and converts these to key strokes. Was pretty simple to do.