I really hope this is actually the right spot to request.

Here's my scenario for developing php project:

I've 2 machines. One with Linux(ubuntu) and something with Home windows 7 connected via local network.

Linux is my apache server and home windows is my editing machine.

I've handled to configure correctly linux machine and that i may use http://myproject url on Home windows machine to determine my project.

I have to use Home windows for editing files (netbeans) and my real question is what should i use/install on linux to have the ability to edit instantly files and employ http://myproject to determine changes?

Please remember which i shouldn't use SVN/Git with this Among the finest to have the ability to edit files rapidly and find out changes via http://myproject. Please make another observe that you will find other machines around the network and that i expect a minimum of minimum password protection (when saving changes).

Help me finding the right solution with this

I love to use webDAV:

Dav On
DavLockDB /usr/local/apache2/var/DavLock

<Location /foo>
  Dav On

  AuthType Basic
  AuthName DAV
  AuthUserFile user.passwd

  <LimitExcept GET OPTIONS>
    require user admin

After that time the customer computer, Map a network drive for your web folder much like these instruction:


Best of luck!

You are able to enable FTP in your linux box. set up FTP on ubuntu

Then acquire some FTP client like FileZilla for the home windows system. do the installation, connect with your recently produced FTP server and you're simply done.
I don't know concerning how to connect netbeans to ftp, but you should use some file editing tools like PSPad which supplies built-in FTP support. Alternatively if you're able to use eclipse it supports FTP transfer without a doubt.