I'm the tech intern to have an online independent newspaper, and also the authors around the staff aren't tech-savvy. They do not quite know how webpages work, and frequently they upload and can include images completely from their digital camera models, or scanned from original media. These images be a burden when you will find 10 images around the top of the page each at 3.5Mb each.

We're working out some kind of training way of teaching them how you can re-size and optimize the pictures they would like to use in their articles, but like I stated, they're not so tech savvy, and then any method we try to use might have to go way over their heads.

So, I needed to understand if it's outdoors of reason to try to resample and cache images which are incorporated within the articles utilizing a PHP function and also the GD library to be able to stream line the quantity of data that needs to be passed per article.

I believe it is possible, I am just trying to puzzle out if it might be worthwhile to simply take some time and energy to coach the authors, or maybe creating an automatic process could be better.

You would be best doing the GD image processing throughout the upload process. GD may take up a great deal of assets, so processing each image on every request wouldn't be a more suitable solution. If you cannot get it done throughout the upload process, you need to cache all of the resampled images and employ individuals if/when available.

It's certainly possible, and I'd be very surprised if Joomla! does not curently have modules which do exactly that.

Using the current site that I am focusing on I desired to reply to an identical question. I have elected for implementing the joomla addon Easy Gallery. The 2 stick out features for me personally would be the automated thumbnail creation and also the image re-size feature. The dimensions are configurable using the components configuration page. You will have a thumbnail, a resized image and also the original image with every upload.

This component is really a Joomla 1. component, so, if you are managing a Joomla 1.5 install you will have to switch on legacy mode. Work appears to become happening for any native 1.5 version.

I additionally found a few places in which the produced pictures were not being displayed. I elevated the question around the Easy Gallery forum, and handled to sort out the solution personally.