I've an import script that's failing on the specific customer's server, even though it works fine in many places. I suspected an Apache timeout, however the time once the script fails is irregular I authored another, simple script to check the timeout, also it fails between 300 and 600 seconds, without any error.



ini_set('display_errors', 1)


$start = time()

$i = 1

echo time() . "<br/>"

while (true) 



Regrettably, the client is on the shared server, and also the only logs I'm able to achieve would be the access logs. They are running PHP 4.4.9 (without --enable-memory-limit, and so i can't look into the usage, but the lightweight test script is failing), but I am presuming this really is something within the server configuration I can not reach. Can there be something I am missing that may kill a script at irregular occasions no matter memory usage?

Edit: Works out the host was deliberately killing scripts at certain times. -.-