I am using jpegcam (http://code.google.com/p/jpegcam/) to capture photo from webcam by expensive. after expensive taken photo, it'll publish raw data to server.

But my client server refuse any connection which have raw data posting. No php line code execute, it simply went blank, nothing happens. I've attempted for several days to obtain the setting that block raw data posting but no luck.

EDIT: This really is demo page of jpegcam: bowser.macminicolo.internet/~jhuckaby/jpegcam/

This is actually the no longer working version during my server: http://www.pinkandsilver.com/jpegcam/test.html

You can observe phpinfo here: www.pinkandsilver.com/phpinfo.php


Thanks Quan

Can there be something within the error log? Which method are you currently using to transmit the information?