Hi i've two wordpress sites, which are almost identical but have different domain names.

What i have to make happens when you login on a single site of wordpress it would login with same account information on other site.

I understand this might possess some security issues, but this doesn't matter i simply need to get this to task.

I understand the principals, the way it should work, one page in login request other to login user with same username or any other way around when you enter one site it inspections if user is drenched in in other one.

But exactly how to do this in code ? php, wordpress, snacks ?

Ideas ? Functions ? How you can send request by php ?


Edit : Customers are synchronized on sites, user shouldn't have the ability to see anything about second login. How you can send such url request via php ? User logins in in a single site simply by entering account information it's instantly drenched with other, if he arrived at second site he's already drenched in.

RIP Jobs !

Either you add the login and password towards the Hyperlink to another site or out can use an iframe or popup to spread out another site for login, getting another site setting its cookie.

Everything is dependent how the consumer is supposed to switch between sites.

If there is links or might they open the websites individually?

Added solution.

One site might redirect the consumer after login towards the other site having a link that does the login, then your other site immediately redirects to the initial site.

By doing this you won't have trouble with obstructing 3:d party snacks.

But you will have to create a special login page for that redirects.

It is a lot simpler to place one site responsible for logins inside a master-slave relationship. Or else you enter into chaos with conflicting lists with no audit trail.

Have you thought about among the plug ins that actually work using the various auth servers like Google etc.? Then your sites might not need to speak to one another.

There's this in the wordstack site: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/3924/synchronize-wordpress-user-accounts-across-multiple-domains-and-installations-wit


There's this to obtain began.


You may could write a fast json server on each, accessible through the other. I have done similar inside a dozen lines of code approximately (although not with wordpress). Tell me if you would like more information.