This really is much more of a PHP question than the usual WordPress question, however i am utilizing it inside a Wordpress theme.

During my options I'm permitting customers to exhibitOrconceal breadcrumbs. However, when you will find no preferences yet selected and saved (for instance, if somebody would install the theme) the breadcrumbs aren't displayed automatically... and I'd like these to be.

Below is my code. I am confident I am just missing a really small bit of code here...

This is actually the array I'm using:

array( "name" => "Display breadcrumbs on post pages?",
    "desc" => "Choose whether or not to display breadcrumbs, that is, the post trail.",
    "id" => $shortname."_breadcrumbs",
    "type" => "select",
    "options" => array("Yes", "No"),
    "std" => "Yes"),

This is how I'm calling the breadcrumbs during my posts:

if ( get_option('to_breadcrumbs') == 'Yes' ) {
     if (function_exists('dimox_breadcrumbs')) dimox_breadcrumbs();
} ?>

This will most likely work

if ( get_option('to_breadcrumbs') != 'No' ) {

Use a default value:

if ( get_option('to_breadcrumbs','Yes') == 'Yes' ) {

In the event that does not work, try putting this in and find out what it really prints:

echo get_option('to_breadcrumbs','Yes');