am focusing on an internet site and i've got a large problem after i attempted to upload files, i increase upload_max_filesize and publish_max_size and also the code still understand only like a max. 10M. for just about any different folder php accepts 100M. but within the site folder ( which am working inside) it does not comprehend it. i look for local php.ini or .htaccess.

note: am managing a linux server.

For uploading bigger files I recommend a devoted uploader plug-in.

Just like a SWF of Java. Therefore:

  • Security - it is simple to scribe the sent data (encoding ByteArray in AS3. is extremely easy, could be even tokenized so it's tough to intercept the stream)
  • Reliability - with simple HTTP demands it's tough to really monitor the upload progress, therefore the user might decide to close the submitted (while he thinks it got stuck)
  • Easy to use - again, progress bar
  • Not restricted to server - should you accept it directly with PHP custom code, you will not need any setting up for annoying such things as max quality on upload.

On server-side you'll need whether Socket listener, or perhaps an HTTP tunnel if not available.

You should use JumpLoader, the industry Java applet, and with the ability to split large files into partitions, and upload them 1 by 1. A PHP script renews the initial file in the submitted partitions around the server.

Plupload can split large files into more compact portions. Begin to see the documentation.

Would you run Apache with mod_security? Then see if the LimitRequestBody is within affect. This is a good tutorial about Configurations for uploading files with PHP.

Thanks men, I discovered the issue. i'm not sure exactly why is the file isn't visible for me personally /public_html/site/.htaccess

i attempted to overwrite it, and it is appears to become working.

Thanks for efforts.