I am attempting to integrate a quiz/survey plugin by having an existing Wordpress site. Things are working well, with the exception that when the user allows a quiz/survey sit idle for some time (half an hour is lengthy enough to trigger it) they'll be welcomed using the following error message when attempting to submit their reply:

PHP Periods error. Look at your periods configurations.

Used to do because the error message indicates and checked my PHP session configurations. More particularly, I edited the server's php.ini file and hang the session timeout to 2 hrs. I figured that will did the secret, however when I examined again I acquired exactly the same problem after half an hour of lack of exercise.

So my questions are:

  1. Does Wordpress conserve a session that's diverse from the one which PHP keeps? If that's the case how's it set up?
  2. Is php.ini the right spot to be setting up my session configurations?
  3. Has anybody seen this error before, and when so, that which was the answer?

I'd exactly the same problem,

I fixed it by looking into making sure /var/lib/php/session folder was set 0777 for permissions, erased all of the session files and did a elegant restart from the server.

Periods messages disappeared and voting labored.

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