Are you aware how wordpress decides which related posts show?I am talking about I understand whether it has tags, then it is easy but when it does not?


Usually the 'related post' purpose of a Wordpress Blog is produced by who owns your blog, or utilizing a wordpress plugin. I know that individuals plug ins either search for new posts concentrating on the same tags or perhaps in exactly the same category because the publish it's exhibiting.

So far as my understanding stretches, I don't think that Wordpress includes a show_related_posts function, although I might be wrong. Whether it does, it might be not so difficult to appear it on the documentation at

Also, one other good part about OpenSource programming is you can simply use and check out the code that you're interested in. I take advantage of Notepad++, so when I've found a function in Wordpress or other Content management systems I'm not famillar with, I merely copy the function title, and perform a Multi-File explore the function to determine where it's declared.

I am going to need to opt for Chacha102, so far as I understand this only works using plug ins or by hacking the code yourself.

Used to do such like by falling back around the post's category whether it didn't have tags, works pretty much too.

This person has got the leading wordpress plugin for related posts. I'd download might have a look at his code and find out how he is doing it. You'll be able to reverse engineer it making it your personal. The good thing about opensource.