On archiving more quantity of files , zip is coming back a empty zip file which can't be open and it is corrupted.

After i attempt to pint Zip archive object , i acquired this:

ZipArchive Object
[status] => 5
[statusSys] => 2
[numFiles] => 84
[filename] => /root/zip/3810.zip
[comment] =>

The file isn't even produced.

for lesss number files it working fine .

ZipArchive Object ( [status] => [statusSys] => [numFiles] => [filename] => [comment] => )

What's this status and statusSys?

How do i debug?

Make certain after you have zipped exactly what you ZipArchive::close() after you have added all your files. If you do not make use of the close() function then your zip file isn't produced.

This is completed with: