I've this setup in Phpmyadmin:

    USER              HOST         PASSW           PRIVILEGES         GRANT

debian-sys-maint    localhost      Yes          ALL PRIVILEGES         YES
phpmyadmin          localhost      Yes          USAGE                  NO
root            Yes          ALL PRIVILEGES         YES
root                localhost      Yes          ALL PRIVILEGES         YES
root                my_hostname    Yes          ALL PRIVILEGES         YES
username            localhost      Yes          ALL PRIVILEGES         YES

Where "username" is my username and "my_hostname" is my hostname.

I'm presently only signing in because the 4g iphone (username, localhost). Also, I've php that also uses the final ones login particulars.

Must I disable another ones?

And, the other safety measures must i take?

BTW: My server is Linux and that i have root access.


If you are not one, remove it (Don't remove the 3 root logins, they will help you to get super user use of fix something if something wrong happens)...

However, I'd suggest "limited permission" customers. Grant each user access simply to the information it must modify. This way you limit the harm an assailant can perform. One login for everything is equally as bad as using root being produced...

Typically it is usually better to use accounts with very little rights as you possibly can. You will find two mainreasons:

  • You prevent mistakes from making bad mistakes. All mistakes can not be avoided, though
  • Attackers can't cause just as much trouble. Assume some attacker hijacks your bank account.