Wouldso would Time passes about running two separate Rails programs using Phusion Passenger with one using Ruby 1.8.x and also the other using Ruby 1.9.x ? I am running Redmine which is not Ruby 1.9.x compatible, and also the other application is really a home-grown application.

I am using Apache 2.2.x with Passenger 2.2.4.

Is even possible ?

I wound up running Nginx with Passenger and Ruby 1.9 on port 80, after which proxying off my other virtual hosts to Apache 2.2 on port 8080 with Passenger and Ruby 1.8. Win!

Somewhat late however i found this because of Google: Phusion Passenger &lifier running multiple Ruby versions Should be the necromancer within me.

Make use of the PassengerRuby directive.