I have a OData services running on my small application, and I have produced a odata client, to update, save and erased information by using their OData services. The truth is I'm able to access the information while using odata services but I'm not sure how you can place a brand new record or update an archive. This is the way i have been trying:

When my Odata Client begins:

void MainWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
            FutbolContext ctx = new FutbolContext(new Uri("http://localhost:56156/FutbolService.svc"));
            DataServiceCollection<Team> TeamDS = new DataServiceCollection<Team>();

            var qry = from w in ctx.Teams
                      select w;


            Team myTeam = new Equipo();

            myTeam.Name = "Caracas F.C";
            myTeam.City = "Caracas";


I've not been capable of finding lessons about placing and upgrading records through OData using C#. I really hope someone might help me. Thanks ahead of time.

This is what it trows

Your code above loads the organizations right into a collection TeamDS however it adds a brand new entity right into a collection equipoDS. Since there is no equipoDS defined inside your sample above I suppose it is a different collection by which situation it isn't designed to work. Should you add the entity in to the TeamDS it'll really work (I attempted an identical code myself).