now i have to place some data in the sqlserver right into a word,i understand how to make use of bookmark and also the office interop api do this but it is slow to call the term process do this and it is coupling between your bookmark define and also the code , can you really do that without word process start?otherwise what are the template engine to get this done?

You might want to consider a custom document author, instead of while using COM Wrapped API from Microsoft. I've heard advantages to OfficeWriter. It isn't free, but speed never is.

It does not require Word around the server.

I do not come with an exact answer for which you want to complete. Nevertheless, you may decide to consider building the entire document in your server.

MS Stand out 97 let's start supports developing a simple XML or HTML (with tables) file and merely calling the file something-uniqueid.xls

It is possible that MS Word also does such like. Take any fundamental HTML file (use <h1> <h2> <u> tags to begin with) and alter the title to something.doc Find out if Word will open it up by double clicking it.

If the works you are able to offer the entire document like a html file but tell the customer that it's known as something-unique-id#.doc

With this for you to use an internet server you will have to set the HTTP headers Content-type: application/msword and Content-disposition: Attachment; filename=something-unique-id.doc

Book the MIME type for msword.. i am unsure if that's correct.

Finally to become 100% sure use Web addresses using the last GET variable set to .doc what this means is your URL need to look like /listing.asp?var1=abc&var2=def&output=.doc

It was necessary nine years back to provide 100% coverage from the browsers. You'd need to test whether or not this was still being needed.

If you want this for Word 2003, why don't you only use the WordML for your? Developing with XML Documents in Word

Unsure if this helps any, but when it's tabular data from SQL Server you really need it may be easy to pull it into Stand out first (with an embedded query) then embed the Stand out table within the Word doc (OLE).

Sounds pretty clugy, but I have done worse. :-)