I've an Oracle 10G database running on the Unix environmnent and also have a requirement to create a PL/SQL job that'll be running around the Oracle database which will populate tables in another database the industry microsoft SQL Server database running on the Home windows platform.

Getting looked around, it appears like you could do via database links. Has anybody got any a lot of this? For instance how reliable may be the connection and what are the problems with getting this type of setup?

Odds are which i might have limited accessibility SQL Server database. May be the above possible without needing to make any changes towards the SQL server database? (Presuming the DBA around the SQL server has set up the database to become utilized using their company databases)


Make use of the Oracle feature DG4ODBC, it's as reliable every normal DBLINK setup, towards the SQL Server side it may be like every other kind of client connection. You only have to do anything whatsoever more elaborate if you're planning to complete distributed transactions between Oracle and SQL Server (i.e. 2 Phase Commit). You'll most likely likewise want UnixODBC and FreeTDS.