Using wordpress 2.9.2. I'm loading my css files for plug ins because they are being known as, which ofcourse is after my header continues to be loaded. I wish to place the calls individuals css files within the Mind tag from the page, which may be done basically obtain a hook including lines within the mind after wordpress_mind() continues to be known as. Help !

Take a look at - the experience is known as wordpress_mind.

You will need to use wp_register_style() to join up your CSS file then wp_enqueue_style() to really combine it with their email list of stylesheets which are output.

There's a good example on that page, but replace 'wp_print_styles' within the example with 'wp_head'.

Perhaps you have attempted echoing the styles or .css range from the inside a function passed into wordpress_print_styles API action hook?

If you work with your personal theme, you can easily put <style> tags inside your header.php file pointing towards the stylesheets you're using.

Should you prefer a hook, it's known as wordpress_mind (look into the Codex documentation onto it).

The answer that labored for me personally was placing the css files in mind using output buffer.