I'm your small lawyer and my boss has requested me to place a database together to assist with outgoing mail. You will find 5 different tables which exist in Access. (Candidates, Lawyers, Lien Litigants, Companies and Employees Compensation Boards) All the tables include addresses only. Each Applicant comes with an attorney, one or even more lien litigants, employer and designated board. I have to create some form of database that will permit me to produce a mail merge for those candidates. Bear in mind each applicant has different addresses, companies, etc..(You will find roughly 500 candidates) I have to produce the database then when I change/update a previous address up for grabs in Can get on can change All the applicant(s) it relates to. Tryin to simply update a brand new address in one location rather than 50. If anybody might help please tell me. I'm searching for the best and efficient way to do this.

Keep address in a single table after which possess a join towards the other tables then when you update the address it's reflected in most another places where it's used.

Possess a table "addresses" which has an ID inside it. Possess the "candidates" table come with an ID inside it that refers back to the ID within the "addresses" table.

Hopefully this really is making sense for you. Otherwise increase the comments and that i will attempt to describe in additional detail.

Just to ensure you get applying for grants establishing a database, this is a library of free database models which cover from access control to zoo's.

Among the models is perfect for Lawyers, Cases and Bills, while these guys for Case Management. Many of these good examples provide you with the fields and associations. Go over these good examples and you ought to have the ability to see ideas of methods to create your tables and associations to resolve your condition.

Best of luck and hope this can help some.