I help in a local soup kitchen, and they're wanting to produce a website. The majority of their criteria are really quite simple, they would like to have the ability to possess a calendar, publish pictures, and also have a blog. Nonetheless they should also have the ability to manage volunteer's. They would like to have the ability to publish a event, have a listing of jobs they need volunteer's for your event, and permit people to enroll in the jobs. I must base this site on a common platform like DotNetNuke, WordPress, or Drupal. Before Time passes and code my very own wordpress plugin for controlling volunteers I made the decision to ascertain if I possibly could look for a platform that already includes a module available. To date I haven't been capable of finding anything. Has anybody heard about one or used one previously? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

There is a whole selection of ways to get this done, however i haven't seen a devoted solution (wordpress plugin or else).

On one side, your blog could do everything you are asking. Posting pictures and blog records? That's wordpress throughout. Desire a calendar? We now have a wordpress plugin for your. Wish to let volunteers subscribe to stuff? Allow them to publish comments.

However, the issue you are explaining is not unique: During my own experience I have wanted the program you describe. May I would recommend that, if you possess the time, you are making something totally awesome for that volunteer community?