it has been a very long time focusing on a play application &lifier now comes time to deploye it. that my very first time so i am type of lost. which hosting compagny is the greatest &lifier offer good prices ?

The creator company of Play Framework, Zenexity, propose a hosting solution devoted to experience programs: PlayApps

It's most likely the best option as it is native Play hosting.

Otherwise, you are able to export your Play application like a classic war:

play war yourapp -o yourapp.war

Then, this war could be used on every Java server (Tomcat, Glassfish, etc.). For hosting a Java application server, you'll most likely require a devoted or virtualized server.

Another option would be to deploy your application on Google Application Engine. But for your, you need to developp your Play application inside a specific way. Particularly, you cannot use classic persistence. You need to make use of the Siena Play module to handle your organizations for Google Application Engine.

I'm not sure if Play applications may be easily used on other cloud structures. Maybe on Cloud Foundry because it supports Java application but I didn't examined it and you will find not deploy plug ins yet with this platform.

Cloudbees,, is a superb choice. There's a Play Framework Module for this.

http://world wide

I'll most likely publish an in depth instruction of the items Used to do, but here is a quick 2-min general idea.

Buy an Amazon . com Micro Instance Virtual Server (costs around $11/mo) having a debian squeeze (6.) image

$> sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk6

$> sudo apt-get install mysql5

~: wget <playDownloadURL>

~: unzip *.zip

~: set road to java, play

sftp/scp your source code to /var/world wide web/<yourApp>

$> compact disc /var/world wide web/<yourApp>

$> play start

~: (not actual instructions however the concept)

and you're simply running a business.

I'd consider cloud hosting.

Should you developed the application insInternet, consider Home windows Azure.

Otherwise, take a look at Amazon . com EC2.

Little confusing to create in case your a firs-timer, but they've got guides and stuff that will help you through it, and also you get 100% scalability choosing the cloud.

You will find numerous cloud hosting solutions based on Play. There's a module for Stax, and also the discussion boards have pointed out success on several others. A fast look for 'deploy' around the google groups can have several options.

I would suggest PlayApps though, It's really located on Ghandi (i believe!) and also the prices plan is identical, therefore the Zenexity men really make nothing out of this. They've arrange it to become a convenience to us designers.

GAE is definitely an option, however it limits you skill with Play. The WAR file deployment option, permitting to deploy to the java servlet container can also be a choice, but adds the overhead and resource from the container unnecessarily, so again, not your best option.

All my Play! applications are located on the internet Application Engine, that is free for small sites. However, you can host Play! applications on any Java website hosting provider.

Within this question encounters on free and low-cost hosting for play framework programs?

you will find several cloud choices for play framework...

You could attempt Play! Manager. It is a Manager for Play Programs similar to the Tomcat Manager. Really worth trying: