Is any type to produce subdirectories dinamicly in playframework?, I believed inside a commom interceptor like spring, but.. how do i get it done in play??, thank you for any help

Easiest way, I believe, is by using the routes file. Documentation here ought to be self-explanatory:

http://world wide

(see e.g. http://world wide

You should use the routes file, but remember that the "title" from the folder should be a vital that enables you to identify the item. Usually "key" will associated with an entity, and for the reason that situation Play supplies a Lengthy id as key the industry better option. Next key you can include some string for Search engine optimization-usability reasons.

So that your routes could be something similar to:

(or else)

utilizing a routes file like:

GET //title      MyController.getFolder


GET /event/       MyController.getFolder

You will find some questions around here (SO) regarding how to add the additional text towards the path.