I have been attempting to develop a site similar in function to craig's list in Drupal. The concept, is to create a geo-aware platform focused on bartering, rather than general classifieds or sales.

I really like Drupal, but I am battling to obtain location/googlemaps integration to experience using the entries and wound up using a lot of custom clips I acquired from various people who I can not learn how to realistically extend the website. It's essentially... only a large mess now.

My client needs this on the Content management systems to ensure that it's easy to handle... but I'm not sure contrary besides drupal has got the simplicity for that design and also the nice back-finish for that client.

Any suggestions? I am precariously near to the deadline and not have the funds to delegate, therefore if I can not develop an answer, I am likely to be SOL.

Why don't you only use taxonomy for that locations, perform a once population from the regions and that would be that. It's tough that i can suppose you will find a multitude of locations that you'll require actual geocoding, but whenever that you simply do, it's difficult to assume that you will find something that does what you would like "as they areInch.

Produce a static vocabulary for regions (Texas->Houston, Florida->Miami, etc ), along with a vocabulary for products (Electronics, Gigs, etc) and stop hunting.