I want an "event listing" wordpress plugin which has the ff. features the following. Do everyone know a wordpress plugin that may:

Can add custom fields for performers, prices, etc.
Can categorize events
Can display recurring events
Can display upcoming events in the front page as a list (not calendar type)
Has a widget for showing event listing in monthly format (see screenshot)
Can list events under a specific month (see screenshot)
Highly customizable (through css, shortcodes, etc.)

Screenshot: http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/433/5445536059.png


Perhaps you have attempted Event Organiser?

(Full disclosure: I developed this plug-in)

It will the majority of that which you requested, to summarise...

It produces a celebration custom publish-type (therefore it supports custom fields) and it has an occasions 'archive' page (which just lists the occasions in date order). It features a built-in event-category, and handles reoccurring occasions. The templates accustomed to display occasions could be replicated to your theme folder and edited any way you like, and it arrives with a few icons (list/calendar) and many shortcodes (again calendars / listing of occasions matching some criteria).

However, it doesn't possess a widget for listing occasions inside a 'monthly format'. Also, listing occasions within specific month isn't instantly made by the plug-in, but could be accomplished by developing a custom page / editing the templates.