I've got a hosting that is shared package with 5 domain names and I wish to migrate my sites from the plesk 8.6 home windows server to some plesk 10.3 home windows server in the same hosting.

Host company stated that automated migration tool fails, so I must perform the migration by hand.

So, I needed to produce a backup of the many site after which convert these to version 10 after which restore these to new server. But additionally they stated they can't run the instructions required to convert backup copies to latest version. (Plesk 10.4 supports auto improving backup copies to latest version, but this server uses plesk 10.3)

Particulars about improving backup copies to latest version : http://kb.parallels.com/9578

I'm able to move files and databases by hand. but what must i do about moving email options? you will find many email options and they're not mine (they're customers of the site).

When I know, the brand new Plesk version has numerous complaints. You can observe it on forum. May I understand why you need to migrate towards the latest Plesk version? Is the old Plesk 8.6 become gradually? Which isn't easy to backup ur User Interface.