I am a self-trained coder and I love to debug by echoing suspicious variables and leaving comments out code.

Recently, I have needed to find out more about the .htaccess file. I want it to complete such things as interpret php scripts as php5, url spinning, limit file upload size etc.... I've got a large amount of trouble debugging b .htaccess file. I frequently need to migrate PHP programs in one hosting that is shared atmosphere to a different. Sometimes this breaks the .htaccess file (or rather, something within the .htaccess file breaks the website). I check to make certain domains are up-to-date.

Exist popular approaches for debugging b .htaccess file? Could it be just try looking in the apache logs? Other things?

Searching within the apache logs may be the simplest method to debug .htaccess imho (adding rewriteLog Directive if required)

About moving: if you're not using any physical file pathways inside .htaccess (i.e. /var/world wide web/site/script.php) they must be working without problems. If this isn't the situation, try to get rid of all options and then leave only redirect directives, within this mode you can observe whether it's trouble with server configuration which declines spinning of default configurations.

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