I am writing a credit card applicatoin in Node.js for any spare-time, bootstrap project. I've got a Home windows background Home windows Azure with three-month free trial offer presently appears such as the easiest method to develop, deploy and host the project.

However Home windows Azure seems to obtain costly following the free trial offer expires, and regardless I would like the choice to host on non-MS platforms, and so i have a few pre-determined questions:

  1. I can tell in the tutorial which i take some Home windows-specific code to import the main harbour number where the application should listen - exist a lot more good examples of Home windows or Azure specific code needs further down the road?
  2. Let me have a NoSQL method of data storage since I am interested in versatility and gratifaction compared to referential integrity or structural consistency - will it be hard to wrap Azure Tables inside a data access layer that might be reasonably portable with other NoSQL databases for example MongoDB or even the various cloud choices?
  3. Finally, the issue-all question - can there be other things I ought to be searching for?