I've been using SQL CE for any desktop application I'm building however the restrictions of it might not allow it to be the best choice for me personally and so i am searching for an alternate.

Needs: -Have to easily have the ability to utilize in Visual Studio -Portable because this can get placed on numerous client machines -Don't wish to install XAMPP, for instance and the rest of the stuff that accompany it. Single File I'm able to use in the install could be ideal that my tool can talk to. -The possibility can there be to achieve the database be bigger than 4 gig. -have to have the ability to add images towards the database.

I had been searching at MYSQL like a possibility but I'm not sure much about this and that i aren't seeing that there's a transportable version. All of the versions require me to complete some kind of install on the client machine.

I love SQL CE but 4 gig limitation i did not like in addition to the inability to easily create sights.(This may be that I'm not sure using rid of it enough however i wasn't in a position to save queries and the only method i've come across will be able to get data which i require is through code and that i prefer to avoid this if whatsoever possible)

Anybody are conscious of a great portable database available that may meet me?

I believe you should check Firebird that have embedded version

The embedded version is definitely an amazing variation from the server. It's a fully featured Firebird server packed in only a couple of files. It's very simple to deploy, since there's you don't need to install the server. It is fantastic for CDROM catalogs, demos or stand alone desktop programs.